Quality of Service

The existing quality of service rules and standards for fixed and mobile services is elementary and outdated and therefore TRCSL initiated a process to establish an up to date QOS regulatory framework for fixed and mobile voice services. In this context, TRCSL has prepared draft QOS parameters pursuant to the public consultation process in March 2014. These draft Parameters were thereafter sent to the Operators for implementation on a one year trial period from May –2014 to April 2015.

After the expiry of this trial period, TRCSL had discussions with the PSTN Operators in respect to their experience and the difficulties they encountered and consequently the Parameters were amended. Based on consensus the final Parameters were set. The PSTN Operators started using these new Parameters from 01 July 2015.

Under the new arrangement the Operators are required to submit monthly reports on the use of QOS Parameters on or before 15th of the following month.  Upon receiving such monthly reports for a period of three consecutive months we treat them as equivalent to a Quarterly Report and in turn prepare a summary report of the findings on the viability of these Parameters and will be circulated among PSTN Operators for their information and further improvement of the Parameters.

TRCSL will conduct an audit on the data submitted in monthly reports by the operators and thereafter using the findings in the audit to prepare a comparative report for circulation among the operators.

TRCSL initiated the process to publish the QOS Parameters near future.



Existing Quality of Services Rules and Standards

Consultation paper on establishing QOS regulatory frame work for fixed and mobile voice services

Responses to the consultation paper

Draft QOS parameters

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