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Misplaced Mobile Phones
Lodging complaints in respect of misplaced mobile phones  (Sinhala)
Procedure   (Download Application Sinhala / English)
The Commission has commenced a process that would assist in the tracing and recovery of cellular mobile phones of the general public by firstly gathering information in respect to mobile phones that have been misplaced, lost or stolen.

The following procedure is required to be adopted to recover the lost phone:

1. The owner of the SIM card of the mobile phone that has been misplaced, lost or stolen, should as the first step make an entry in the information book at the police station.

2. Next, the owner must submit a letter of request to the TRCSL seeking assistance in the recovery of the phone, that contains relevant details such as the date of loss, IMEI number together with a certified copy of an extract of the entry recorded in the information book at the Police Station, and certified copy of the NIC.

3. In the event the complainant is not the legal owner of the SIM card, he should then

a) submit a letter of authority signed by the Principal i.e. true owner of the SIM card, authorising his representative or agent to act on his behalf together with a certified copy of the NIC of the owner, and in the event the SIM card has been registered in the name of an institution  e.g. company,

b) the complainant must submit a letter of authority from the institution granting permission to the complainant to use the phone

4. Details of the information supplied by the complainant will be forwarded to all mobile phone service providers. 

5. Telecommunication operators would then respond if any information related to the recovery of the lost phone is in their possession, by sharing such information (i.e. present user details of the mobile phone) with the TRCSL.

6. The Commission will convey this information in writing to the police station where the complaint was first lodged and a copy of this letter will be posted to you.

7. With this step set out in (6) above i.e. informing you of the steps we have taken, our services in respect to your complaint will be concluded
You are advised to take immediate steps the moment it is discovered that your mobile phone has been misplaced, lost or stolen, to contact your service provider and have the telephone connection disconnected.  Such a step will prevent a third party from misusing your SIM card and in turn creating unnecessary problems to you. 
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