Southern Province

“Girls in ICT” for Southern Province was held on 13th October 2016, from 8.30am to 1.30pm at Dr. Richard Pathirana College, Galle. Representing the province, 44 students from 9 schools who are studying ICT for their GCE Advanced Level and 10 teachers who oversee the ICT stream in those schools participated. The event was organised by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) in calloboration with the ICT Branch of the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Provincial Education Department (PED) and Dialog Axiata PLC.

Mrs. Tharalika Livera, Deputy Director of TRCSL commenced the program with a brief introduction of “Girls in ICT”programme. Afterwards, Mr. J.K.S Dahanayaka, Principal of Dr. Richard Pathirana College informed the students and teachers who were present about the importance of hosting such events.

Begining the programme, Mrs. Livera taught about the “mobile apps” and how useful it for our day to day activities. She further mentioned that, with the advent of information technology, the aspect of Mobile Computing has changed the way we live, work and communicate. Similarly, mobile applications have developed too. It has created the mobile app makers a good niche for market profits. It has become such a successful occupation that the official term “appreneur” has been added to our vocabulary. Anyone can be an appreneur. All you need is to learn how to convert your creative ideas into a mobile application. We have heard many people who have become famous and wealthy from creating applications (ex: Jack Dorsey who created Twitter) but keep in mind, it is not an easy task. That is because it is a competitive market with thousands of mobile apps being released every day and the customers also choose the highest quality app for their usage. First do your research on which apps that are out there, then get the right tools and work with experts and talented people in the industry, create a business plan and frequently update yourself. That way, anyone can become a successful appreneur.

Mr. Shafraz Rahim from the Dialog Idea Mart Team explained about the Young Entrepreneurs who maintained designing mobile apps as a business and made a detailed presentation about how they overcame their obstacles. After that, the students were divided into five teams and each team was given a laptop. Then they were asked to take one daily task they do every day and create an app for it. The first team had the idea of creating an app when you go to a bus stop it would indicate the arrival time of the next bus. The second team wanted to create an app where all students who study ICT in school can share subject details among each other as well as gain experts’ knowledge through the app. The third team had the idea of creating an app that would help you when you’re shopping for clothes. It was that before you buy something, you can clothe the virtual picture of yourself in the app and see if it will fit you, and if not it would suggest other clothes in the store that would fit along with matching accessories such as jewelry, handbags and shoes. Then finally you can add them to your cart in the app and decide if you can afford them. The fourth team wanted to create an app for students who get absent to school, a place where they can get all the work that they had missed. Lastly, the fifth team had the idea to create an app where it could gather information about friends and family and their special days (i.e birthdays) and automatically send a text message on those specific days.

The girls were requested to develop their “app” during the course of three months with our assistance and eventually upload it to this website especially created as a platform for them to showcase their work.

TRCSL gifted the students and teachers a Flash Drive. A token of appreciation was awarded by TRCSL to resource persons, teachers and students for their participation, and certificates were awarded for all the students, teachers for taking their time to be present and fully cooperating to make the event successful.

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