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1. Legal Provision

In terms of the provisions of Section 5(q) of the Telecommunication Act, Terminal Equipment requires Type Approval from the Commission. Schedule 2 of System Licence issued to operators, authorizes the connection of telecommunication apparatus which is of a type approved by the Commission.

2. Categories of Terminal Equipment which need type approval

  • Telephone Instruments
  • Fax machines
  • PABXs
  • Modems.
  • Cordless Telephones(checked for frequency, base station output power and range)
  • Any other Customer Premises Equipment to be connected to the Licensed Network.

3. Type Approval Procedure

4. Check the Status of Application

5. Type Approved Products

6. Import Clearance Approval

  • Relevant particulars should be submitted along with the invoice.
    The imported telecommunication apparatus should be type approved by the Commission, the importer should be in possession of a valid Vendor Licence .


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