Tariff Regulation
Approved Tariff for Dialog Axiata PLC.
 Name of the Approved Tariff Plan  Reference No. Commencing Date Expiry Date
New Data Plans offered only to Dialog Mobile Prepaid and Postpaid Data only Customers  TRC/D/PRO/21/10  20-12-2021  19-06-2022
New Bundle Plan for Prepaid Mobile Customers  TRC/D/PRO/21/09  09-12-2021  08-06-2022
New Mobile Voice/Data Plans  TRC/D/PER/21/02  Long Term Basis  
New Mobile Broadband (MBB) Data plans including Special Data Plans for Netflix  TRC/D/PER/21/01  Long Term Basis  
New Bundle Plan for Prepaid Mobile Customers  TRC/D/PRO/21/08  08-10-202  07-04-2022
New Connection Data Offer for Dialog Mobile New Postpaid Customers TRC/D/PRO/21/07 05-10-2021 04-04-2022
Data Plan with 15 GB to use Facebook & WhatsApp for Mobile Prepaid 4G Customers TRC/D/PRO/21/06 15-12-2021 14-06-2022
New Data Plan for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Spotify Music for Dialog 4G Mobile Prepaid and Postpaid customers TRC/D/PRO/21/05 12-07-2021 11-01-2022
Special Data Plan to Chat/File Share on WhatsApp, Viber, IMO for Corporate Prepaid Customers TRC/D/PRO/21/04 12-07-2021 11-01-2022
Text Only Facebook Mobile Application and Web Browser without Data Charges TRC/D/PRO/21/03 01-07-2021 31-12-2021
New Connection Offers & 4G SIM Converion Offers for Dialog Mobile New Prepaid Customers TRC/D/PER/20/10 Long Term Basis  
Weekly Data and Voice Bundle for Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Customers TRC/D/PER/20/09 Long Term Basis  
Collaboration Plans to Work & Learn from Home for Mobile Prepaid and Postpaid 4G Customers TRC/D/PER/20/08 Long Term Basis  
Special Data Plan for Work & Study from Home (WFH & SFH) TRC/D/PER/20/07 Long Term Basis  
New Add-on Data Package providing free access to Youtube at SD quality for High-end Postpaid 4G Customers TRC/D/PER/20/06 Long Term Basis  
Unlimited Internet Plans TRC/D/PRO/21/02 22-04-2021 21-10-2021
New Data Plans for Social Media & Instant Messaging TRC/D/PRO/21/01 07-04-2021 06-10-2021
Anytime Data Plans for Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Broadband Customers TRC/D/PER/20/05   Long Term Basis
New Postpaid/Prepaid Mobile Broadband Tariff Packages TRC/D/PER/20/03   Long Term Basis
Special Bundles for Farmers' Community TRC/D/PER/20/02   Long Term Basis
New Bundle Plans for Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile customers TRC/D/PER/20/01   Long Term Basis
Customized Bundled Package (MyPlan) Prepaid/ Postpaid TRC/D/PER/19/04   Long Term Basis 
New Mobile Broadband Packages for Schools TRC/D/PER/19/03   Long Term Basis
Unlimited YouTube, Facebook & WhatsApp Plans for Mobile Prepaid & Postpaid 4G customers TRC/D/PRO/20/10 05-12-2020 04-06-2021
New Mobile Broadband Data Plans including Special Data Plans for Netflix TRC/D/PRO/20/09 07-10-2020 06-04-2021
New Mobile Voice/Data Plans TRC/D/PRO/20/08 20-08-2020 19-02-2021
New Connection Offers & 4G SIM Conversion Offer for Dialog Mobile New Prepaid Customers TRC/D/PRO/20/07 27-07-2020 26-01-2021
Collaboration Plans to work & Learn from Home TRC/D/PRO/20/06 18-06-2020 17-12-2020
Unlimited Data to use Facebook & WhatsApp TRC/D/PRO/20/05 18-06-2020 17-12-2020
Special Data Plan for Work & Study from Home (WFH & SFH) TRC/D/PRO/20/04 08-06-2020 07-12-2020
Weekly Data & Voice Bundle for Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile Customers TRC/D/PRO/20/03 26-05-2020 25-11-2020
New Add-on Data Package providing Free Access to YouTube TRC/D/PRO/20/02 26-05-2020 25-11-2020
Anytime Data Plans for Prepaid and Post-paid Mobile Broadband Customers TRC/D/PRO/20/01 01-05-2020 31-10-2020
New Monthly Data Package with Free Data for YouTube Usage TRC/D/PRO/19/05 23-12-2019 22-06-2020
Promotional Offer for Dialog Mobile Customers to Drive adoption in Digital Payment Platforms TRC/D/SEA/19/03 01-12-2019 31-12-2019
Mobile Broadband Time based Packages (Sachets)


Long Term Basis
Special Bundles for Farmers Community


28-10-2019 27-04-2020
New Postpaid/Prepaid Mobile Broadband Tariff Plans TRC/D/Pro/19/03 01-06-2019 30-11-2019
New Bundle Plans for Prepaid &postpaid Mobile Customers TRC/D/Pro/19/02 01-06-2019 30-11-2019
Worry Free Video on ViU at 360p TRC/D/Pro/19/01 01-06-2019 30-11-2019
Customized Bundled Package (My Plan)-Pre-paid/Postpaid TRC/D/PRO/18/06 30-10-2018 29-04-2019
Data Packages for Schools TRC/D/PRO/18/05 10-10-2018 09-04-2019
Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile Broadband Tariff Plans TRC/D/PRO/18/04 26-10-2018 25-04-2019
New Mobile Packages for Prepaid/Postpaid Customers TRC/D/PRO/18/03 15-09-2018 14-03-2019
Mobile Broadband Timebased Packages (Sachets) TRC/D/PRO/18/02 07-06-2018 06-12-2018
Prepaid Customized Bundled Package(My Plan) TRC/D/PRO/18/01 01-03-2018 31-08-2018
Doc.lk Medical Appoinment Service TRC/D/Promo/17/02 12-12-2017 11-06-2018
4G SIM Conversion Offer TRC/D/17/01 Long Term  Basis
IVR based Karaoke Music Service TRC/D/Promo/17/01 18-8-2017 17-11-2017
Special Package for School Broadband TRC/D/Promo/16/22 26-11-2016 25-2-2017
New Blaster Package TRC/D/16/13 Long Term Basis    
Half Circuit International Private leased circuits (IPLC) Tariff TRC/D/16/12 Long Term Basis 
New IVR based Quiz Competition(Club Contest) TRC/D/16/11 Long Term Basis 
Sathiya Obata TRC/D/16/09 Long Term Basis 
Add on Packages TRC/D/16/08 Long Term Basis 
New Large Volume Data package TRC/D/16/07 Long Term Basis 
New MBB Postpaid Packages TRC/D/16/04 Long Term Basis 
Mobile Movie Portal TRC/D/16/03 Long Term Basis 
SMS Bundle Packages TRC/D/16/01 Long Term Basis 
4G SIM Conversion Offer TRC/D/Promo/16/21 19-10-2016 18-1-2017
Rs.300 Prepaid New Connection Offer TRC/D/Promo/16/20 13-10-2016 12-01-2017
New Corporate Packages  TRC/D/Promo/16/19 16-7-2016 15-10-2016
Mobile Call Management Service  TRC/D/Promo/16/18 6-7-2016 5-10-2016
New Video on Demand Services  TRC/D/Promo/16/17 6-6-2016 5-9-2016
New Mobile Broadband Postpaid Packages TRC/D/Promo/16/16 6-5-2016 5-8-2016
New IVR & OBD Services TRC/D/Promo/16/15 7-4-2016 6-7-2016
Prepaid New Connection Offer TRC/D/Promo/16/14 31-3-2016 29-6-2016
Mobile BB Add-on Package for Guru.lk Users TRC/D/Promo/16/13 24-3-2016 23-6-2016
Emergency Alerts Service TRC/D/Promo/16/12 2-3-2016 1-6-2016
New Prepaid Bundled Internet Cards TRC/D/Promo/16/11 1-3-2016 31-5-2016
Prepaid New Connection Offers TRC/D/Promo/16/10 26-2-2016 25-5-2016
Half Circuit International Private Leased Circuits(IPLC)Tariff TRC/D/Promo/16/09 1-3-2016 31-5-2016
New Prepaid Packages TRC/D/Promo/16/08 01-02-16 30-04-16
Corporate RS.100/-Rental Package TRC/D/Promo/16/07 01-02-16 30-04-16
Postpaid Bundled Package - My Plan TRC/D/Promo/16/06 01-02-16 30-04-16
Rs.99 Rental Package TRC/D/Promo/16/05 01-02-16 30-04-16
Zero Rental Package TRC/D/Promo/16/04 01-02-16 30-04-16
Prepaid per Minute Package TRC/D/Promo/16/03 01-02-16 30-04-16
Prepaid per Second Package with Data TRC/D/Promo/16/02 01-02-16 30-04-16
Prepaid per Second Package TRC/D/Promo/16/01 01-02-16 30-04-16