Tariff Regulation

Approved Tariff for Hutchison 

Name of the Tariff Plan

Reference Number

Commencing Date

Expiry Date

Any Network  Plans TRC/H/PRO/21/10 13th December 2021 12th June 2022
Talk & Data SIM for New Activations TRC/H/PRO/21/09 15th November 2021 14th May 2022
Study & Work from Home Monthly Plan TRC/H/PRO/21/08 25th October 2021 24th April 2022
Hutch Big Talk Fit My Needs Plans TRC/H/PRO/21/06 01st July 2021 31st December 2021
Hutch Super 90 TRC/H/PER/21/03 Long Term Basis  
Hutch Big Talk (Daily Unlimited Talk & Text) Plan TRC/H/PER/21/02 Long Term Basis  
Hutch Break-Free Internet TRC/H/PER/21/01 TRC/H/PER/21/01 Long Term Basis  
Unlimited Night Tariff Plans TRC/H/PRO/21/07 18th June 2021 17th December 2021
Hutch Super 340, Hutch Super 260 and Hutch Super 495 Plans TRC/H/PER/20/01 Long Term Basis  
Unlimited Internet Tariff Plans TRC/H/PRO/21/05 20th April 2021 19th October 2021
One Time Trial Acquisition Offers TRC/H/PRO/21/04 06th April 2021 05th October 2021
Hutch My Plan TRC/H/PRO/21/03 17th March 2021 16th September 2021
Study & Work from Home Buddy Plans TRC/H/PRO/21/02 11th February 2021 10th August 2021
Long Validity plans TRC/H/PRO/21/01 11th February 2021  10th August 2021
Large Data Plans- Education & Work TRC/H/PRO/20/09 28th July 2020  27th January 2021
Social Media Plans TRC/H/PRO/20/08 18th June 2020  17th December 2020
YouTube Unlimited Plans TRC/H/PRO/20/07 18th June 2020  17th December 2020
Hutch Postpaid Packages- GigA Plans TRC/H/PRO/20/06 01st June 2020  30th November 2020
Hutch Postpaid Packages-Combo Plans TRC/H/PRO/20/05 01st May 2020  31st October 2020
Anytime Data Plans TRC/H/PRO/20/04 23rd March 2020  22 nd September 2020
Break Free Internet Plans  TRC/H/PRO/20/03 25th February 2020  24th August 2020
YouTube Unlimited Plans TRC/H/PRO/20/02 25th February 2020  24th August 2020
Daily Unlimited Talk & Text and Hutch Super 90 TRC/H/PRO/20/01 08th February 2020  07th August 2020
Hutch Super Blaster TRC/H/PRO/19/01 27th Sep 2019 26th March 2020
Freedom Calling Tariff Plans TRC/H/PRO/18/02
15th October 2018
14th April 2019

Freedom Text Tariff Plans


01st October 2018

31st March 2019

New Connection Startup Pack


04th October 2016

04th January 2016

Data Packs


29th April 2016

29th July 2016

Per Second & Per Minute packages


01st February 2016

30th April 2016