Deyata Kirula National Exhibition 2013 will be held at Ampara from March 23rd to March 29th 2013. The theme of the exhibition will be ‘Wonder of the Rising Sun’. The TRCSL exhibition stall will be constructed under the supervision and guidance of the Chairman of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka and Secretary to His Excellency the President, and the Director - General of the TRCSL.

The TRCSL stall will provide useful information and generate awareness on the:  

  • Services rendered by TRCSL
  • New Telecommunication Technologies
  • IMEI number verification to check whether the mobile phones had been legally imported
  • Special projects carried out by TRCSL to enhance the telecommunication services (Lotus Tower, Kokavil Tower etc.)
  • Lodging consumer complaints with regard to :
      • Lost Mobile Phones
      • Billing Disputes
      • Service Disputes and
      • Any other relevant complaints
  • Spectrum Monitoring Technologies & Demonstration on Spectrum Monitoring
  • New Broadcasting services
  • TRCSL guidelines on Radio frequency Radiation and Lightning Protection
  • Standards and Procedures on Tower and base station construction
  • International relations of TRCSL and International activities
  • Technical standards in Telecommunications and IT
  • Procedures and guidelines of TRCSL with regard to licensing, equipment clearance and usage
  • Quality of Service on Broadband Technologies (Measuring Broadband speed)