Press Room
The Korean IT Volunteers (KIV) altogether comprising four teams will be arriving in Sri Lanka on 6th July under a NIA / ITU / TRCSL Program to engage in providing ICT training to select groups during the months of July & August 2012. The NIA/ITU/TRCSL KIV program 2012 is being co – ordinated by the ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific for ICT enhancement in Sri Lanka.  

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka will deploy these teams to train TRC staff members /Instructors of IT centers /students undergoing ICT training under the TRC  e-NABLE project / students in  selected Vocational Training Centers (VTC’s) supervised by the Dept. of Social Service / Special needs Schools & Ranaviru Authority (IT centers in Disabled Soldiers’ villages) in Sri Lanka. The language of instruction will be English.

The Government of South Korea dispatches teams of Korean volunteers skilled in Information Technology (IT) annually to developing countries to provide advanced IT Technology.

The Korea IT Volunteer (KIV) programme is hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security of Korea and managed by the National Information Society Agency of Korea since 2001.

Under ITU Assistance, the Korea IT Volunteer training programme was conducted in Sri Lanka last year specifically for members of TRCSL staff and special schools, IT instructors of select centers, and IT teachers from 18th July to 12th August 2011.

Four Teams
Each of the four teams from Korea will comprise 4 members drawn from 5 Korean Universities.

Known as the “Hi IT” team in South Korea, it will comprise: Mr. LEE SEUNG HO, Mr. MOON HYUNG BIN, Mr. CHO YUN JAE and Ms. AHN GA YOUNG from Seoul National University of Economics and Policy, and Technology Management.

Known as the “K-ayakka” team in South Korea, it will comprise: Mr. CHOI SANG GEUN,Mr. PARK SU HUN, Ms. BAK SANG  and Ms. BAE HYUN IN from Gachon University of Computer Engineering.

Known as the “ON” team in South Korea, it will comprise: Ms. LEE YOO LEE, Ms. PARK SHIN HYE, from Dankook University of Computer Science and Ms. LEE DO EUN from Dankook University of English. Ms. LEE DAHYE Yonsei University of Computer Science.

Known as the “IncuTi” team in South Korea, it will comprise: Ms. MOON MIN JI, Ms. JIN MIN KYEONG, Ms. HEO JI HYE and Ms. NAM SEUL GI from Korea Univ. Sejong Campus of Business Administration & Information Technology.

Their syllabus includes IT topics such as: Introduction of MS, Advanced features of MS, Database Management, Networking, Computer security, Photoshop, Graphics, Hardware and Trouble shootings Web designing etc. and an introduction to various aspects of Korean culture. Two classes will be conducted parallel to each other for the duration of the training course. Altogether there are 200 persons who have enrolled for this training.

We expect to see appreciable benefits accruing to the selected institutions and enhanced development of ICT skills among members of staff and students flowing from this training by the Korean Volunteers.