Building Capacity for Harnessing ICTs for Disempowered / Marginalised Communities in Sri Lanka

# Telecommunication Facilities For People With Special Needs

# ICTs for Disempowered & Marginalized Communities in Sri Lanka

# Project Activities 2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012

                *  An Appreciation: Professor D. P. M. Weerakkody

                * "ICT's for the persons with special needs"(Sinhala / English)  - TRCSL eNable Project 2012 (Press Release)

“ICT’s for the Disempowered / Marginalized Communities” TRCSL e-NABLE Project 2010/2011 - (Press Release)

* Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Digital Inclusion for All : Addressing the Special Needs of Citizens with Disabilities through ICTs: The Case of Sri Lanka

* Opening of a Computer & Speech Training Centre and the provision of a FM Hearing System & ICT equipment Wellassa Subaghya Special School, Monaragala

* A new Computer Center for Paradisewatta Ranaviru Village

* ICT equipment for those with special needs - Daily News

* “ICT’s for Disempowered / Marginalized Communities” ITU/TRC Assistance Project - 2008/09

* Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Mainstreaming ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

* Provisioning Of Ten HSPA Connections By Mobitel (Private) Ltd

* Two Computer Centers Declared Open

* ITU Expert Mission To Assess The Current Status And Needs Of The ICT Accessibility Of Persons With Special Needs

* Provision of Ten ADSL Connections by Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd


#  World Telecommunications & Information Society Day 2008