Fixed Telephony Licenses - Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Name of Operator

Date of Issue of License

Service Authorized

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC
Lotus Road
Colombo 01

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Domestic Telephone Service. International Telephony Service, National and International public telegraph service, National and International telex service, data transmission, maritime mobile service, facsimile service, international television transmission, international photo telegram service, voice cast transmission, IDS service (satnet), INMARSAT service, National and International leased circuits, Fixed wireless local loop telephony in the 800 MHZ frequency band.

Lanka Bell Limited.
Level 10, West Tower,
World Trade Center , Echelon Square,
Colombo 01

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The following services using wireless local loop technology Fixed basic telephony, Data transmission, Payphone, Voicemail, Facsimile The license does not authorise the provision of mobile telecommunication services

Dialog Broadband Networks (Pvt) Ltd.
475, Union Place ,Colombo 02

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  1. Voice telephony Service
  2. Data Communications service
  3. Public payphone service
  4. Leased line service
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