About Your SIM - Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

As a lawful citizen you should be in possession general information relating to the SIM used by you.

  • As per the prevailing regulations every citizen can obtain up to a maximum 05 numbers of SIM cards under his/her NIC number.
  • Every service provider has the legitimate right to call for information to confirm about the correctness of your personal details. i .e check the  accuracy of NIC.
  • Every service provider or his agent / representative   is required to issue SIMs to an applicant who submits his/her personal details with documentary proof.  
  • It is the responsibility of every applicant to produce true and correct personal details for the above purpose.
  • Every SIM card is associated with a number which is called as your cellular mobile number and the ownership of the same is solely vested with the operator. Operator has the authority to recycle    such number if it is not used in the system for a certain period of time.
  • If you wish to continue the use of same mobile number given to you by your service provider and do not presently use your SIM to generate calls you may inform your service provider in writing. This may help the service provider to cease recycling the said number and allocating to another person.
  • Every legal owner of the SIM has a facility to check with the phone to ensure that the particular phone is registered under his/ her name.
  • In any case if your SIM is lost or misplaced you must take immediate steps to get it deregistered with your telecommunication service provider’s   network. 
  • However there is a possible risk that  under any circumstance if your SIM is used by a third party, your responsibility extends to all the calls generated through that SIM.