- Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

TRCSL has initiated discussions with broadband operators in respect to their quality of service. The main objective of these discussions is to draw operator’s immediate attention to the results of the recent tests conducted by TRCSL on broadband download speeds (Intl’).

Mr.Anusha Palpita Director General TRCSL, during discussions held with CEOs stressed the importance delivering reliable and speedy broadband services to the public.

Some operators have already improved download speeds acting on the technical inputs given by the regulator.

TRCSL will continue to monitor broadband download speeds and the findings will be published under two major categories.  The first set of results on fixed broadband will be published in December and the mobile broadband results will be published in early January next year. However the volume based broadband package will not be taken for benchmarking during the first round of test.

TRCSL has focused mainly on available international download speeds between 9.a.m and 12 midnight during the test. The collective result will be plotted on a graph in a simple format which will be similar to the graph shown below:

To ensure the uniformity of the test, as required by the TRCSL all broadband operators have hosted 10MB files in their local servers. For future international tests, TRCSL is now in the process of checking possibilities of hosting test files in operator’s international POPs’

TRCSL is planning to introduce a minimum standard for broadband speeds in the country together with a national broadband definition at or above 1Mbps.

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