Dialog TV
Approved Tariff Plans for Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd.
 Name of the Approved Tariff Plan  Reference No. Commencing Date Expiry Date
New Dialog TV (DTV) Prepaid Bonanza Packages TRC/DTV/PRO/21/02 01-06-2021 30-11-2021
New Per Day and Monthly Packages for Dialog TV (DTV) Prepaid Customers TRC/DTV/PER/20/02   Long Term Basis 
Revision of Dialog Television Postpaid & Prepaid Packages TRC/DTV/PER/20/01   Long Term Basis 
New High Definition (HD) channel Sachets TRC/DTV/PRO/21/01 19-03-2021 18-09-2021
DTV Channel Sachets-  Prepaid & Postpaid TRC/DTV/PER/19/04   Long Term Basis  
DTV Prepaid Channel Bundles TRC/DTV/PER/19/03   Long Term Basis
New Dialog TV Prashansa Package TRC/DTV/PER/19/02   Long Term Basis
All Channel Sachet offered to DTV prepaid Customers TRC/DTV/PRO/20/02 19-10-2020 18-01-2021
New per Day & Monthly packages for Dialog TV Prepaid Customers TRC/DTV/PRO/20/01 27-07-2020 26-01-2021
Promotional Offer for Christmas Season TRC/DTV/SEA/19/05 20-11-2019 20-12-2019
New Multi TV Offer TRC/DTV/PER/19/01 Long Term Basis
Channel Bundles During August School Holidays TRC/DTV/SEA/19/04 15-08-2019 14-09-2019
DTV Channel Sachets - Prepaid & Postpaid TRC/DTV/PRO/19/02 29-07-2019 28-01-2020
DTV Prepaid Channel Bundles TRC/DTV/PRO/19/01 26-04-2019 25-10-2019
Postpaid Package for Government Sector Employees TRC/DTV/PRO/18/05 12/12/2018 11/06/2019
DTV Postpaid & Prepaid Tariff Revision TRC/DTV/PER/18/01 Permanent
New Dialog TV(DTV) Prashansa Package TRC/DTV /PRO/18/04 15/10/2018  14/04/2019
New Multi TV Offer TRC/DTV /PRO/18/03 01/09/2018 28/02/2019
New High Definition (HD) Television Services TRC/DTV /PRO/18/02 01/09/2018 28/02/2019
Prepaid TV Genre Packs TRC/DTV /PRO/18/01 23/07/2018 22/01/2019
Postpaid Package (Rental Rs.549) TRC/DTV/PER/17/01 Long Term Basis 
New High Definition (HD) Television Services TRC/DTV/Promo/17/01    27/09/2017  26/03/2018
New Postpaid Package TRC/DTV/Promo/16/10 17/11/2016 16/02/2017
New sachets TRC/DTV/Promo/16/08 & 09 11/11/2016 10/02/2017
Special Connection Fee Offers TRC/DTV/Promo/16/07 20/10/2016 19/01/2017
New Postpaid Package TRC/DTV/Promo/16/06 07/09/2016  06/12/2016
New Sachet  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/05 06/07/2016  05/10/2016 
DTV Postpaid  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/04 05/06/2016  04/09/2016
New Sachets  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/03 13/05/2016  12/08/2016
Special Tariff Approval  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/02 07/04/2016  06/07/2016
Special Tariff Approval Targetting Segment of Ranaviru  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/01 30/03/2016  29/06/2016