Why a Girls in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Portal?

Studies have shown that empowering women in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector will provide a boost to the economy and allow for full participation in society. Enhancing skills and providing quality education in ICT have been identified as vital elements in empowering women in the ICT sector.

At present there is a dearth of information and resources available to students intending to pursue or already pursuing studies in the ICT stream. This Portal has been created to encourage girls and young women to pursue an education in and embark upon careers in the ICT sector, and has been designed to provide practical information/guidelines for students. The Portal also contains inspirational videos and other material to empower girls and young women in the ICT sector.

The “My ICT” section and “Where Can I Work” section of the Portal contains useful information and links through which students can find out more information about the ICT stream offered in the advanced level curriculum, university courses which can be pursued at local universities and potential career opportunities and internship opportunities available locally and overseas.

In keeping with the ITU theme, “expanding horizons and changing attitudes”, the Portal also contains a range of success stories of women who have scaled great heights in the ICT sector, and links to inspirational videos of girls and young women in the ICT sector.