Mobile Phones/ Devices for Personal use
  1. Only up to five (5) units can be imported/ brought for the personal use.
  • The application should be forwarded to the TRCSL in writing with the following documents for consideration.

              i.     Dully filled Application Form

              ii.    Invoice/ Detention Receipt/ Air way Bill /Parcel Receipt which clearly indicate the name of the

                    person and the list of equipment intend to import/clear.

             iii.   Technical Specification of the equipment in ( ii) above

             iv.   Copy of the National ID/ Passport/Driving License

             v.    If someone else need to get the approval on behalf of the person in (ii) above, the

                   Authorization letter and the copies of the National ID/ Passportof both persons required.

     3. The application will be processed by TRCSL

     4. Tax invoice would be prepared and rendered to the applicant by TRCSL if charges are applicable for the  

         equipment intend to import/clear and should be paid to get the approval

     5. The following two letters will be issued to the applicant allowing the importation of equipment mentioned

         in Item 2 (ii) above

              i.  A no objection letter addressed to the Controller /Imports & Exports

              ii. A no objection letter addressed to the Director General of Customs