Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Management Team

Ms. R.M.T.K.P. Livera
Deputy Director General (Regulatory Affairs)
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Ms. K.S.M. Vishaka
Deputy Director General (Development)
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Mr. E.N.P.K.Ratnapala
Deputy Director General (Policy & Planning)
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Mr. M.J.S Ravisingha
Director/Admin & Corporate Affairs
Phone: 1900 Extension: 6100 / +94 11 2673486

Mr. Y.S.P.P Gunarathne
Assistant Director / Administration
Phone: 1900 Extension: 6104 / +94 11 2669789

Mr. K.S.N. Wijerathna
Assistant Director /Human Resource Development
Phone: 1900  Extension: 6101 /  +94 11 2674304

The role of the division is crucial for the smooth functioning of the entire organization, and its scope of it encompasses a wide range of functions and responsibilities. The division is responsible for the administration, management & development of human resources and corporate affairs. The scope of the division also extends to planning and monitoring activities of TRCSL, maintaining and creating a physical environment conducive for the employees to improve their standards of work, and coordinating within the organization & with other organizations.

Furthermore, the division manages the provision of office requisites and supportive facilities for staff, ensuring the welfare of the staff, providing library facilities, and media coverage of important events of the organization.

Mr. H.W.K Indrajith
Director / Competition
Phone: +94 11 2676740
Fax: 94 11 2675988

Ms. Sriyani Mawellage
Deputy Director /Competition
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Mr. Indika Prabhath
Assistant Director / Competition
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Mr. Srilal Guruge
Assistant Director /Financial Investigation
Phone: +94 11 2689345

The Competition Division undertakes regulatory activities to provide an efficient, fully fledge telecommunication service that fulfils the interest of consumers and operators. While maintaining fair charges and quality service in the telecom industry, the division regulates tariff matters and interconnection services, publishes industry information, analyses operator performance and provides necessary advice to the parties concerned.

It also involves promoting operators to provide telecommunication facilities to unserved and underserved areas and collection of telecommunication levy, International Telecommunication operators levy, Cellular tower levy, Mobile short message service levy and Cess. Foreign experts involved in the telecommunication industry that provide new services are essential for the projects of operators, and necessary arrangements are made to process visas of such professionals.

Director/Compliance (Surveillance & QOS)
Phone: +94 11 2673079
Fax: +94 11 2676985

Mr. D.N. Wijesinghe
Assistant Director/Compliance
Phone: 1900 Extension: 2433

Mrs.Ayodhya Jayasena
Assistant Director/Compliance
Phone: 1900 Extension: 2433

Mrs. Hiranya Kumarasiri
Assistant Director/Compliance
Phone: 1900

Mr. Yogarajah Mathanan
Assistant Director/Compliance
Phone: 1900

One of the main objectives of TRCSL is to ensure the provision of reliable and efficient national and international telecommunication services in Sri Lanka. For this purpose, regulatory measures need to be taken to ensure that telecommunication service providers comply with their regulatory obligations to provide a reliable, efficient, and quality telecommunications service.

This necessitates continuous surveillance, investigation & intelligence of the industry and enforcement of appropriate regulatory measures. Processing consumer complaints and finding reasonable solutions to their problems result in customer satisfaction and enhancement of the profile. These responsibilities were handled by the Compliance & Investigation Division of TRCSL.

Mr. M.K. Jayantha
Director / Finance
Phone: +94 11 2676687

Ms. L. Deepika Jayawickrama
Assistant Director / Finance (Expenditure)
Phone: +94 11 2675781

Mr. D.P.C.U.K. Hemapala
Assistant Director / Finance (Revenue)
Phone: +94 11 2671680

A vital role is being done by the Finance Division in terms of Financial Management which involves all monitory functions of the Commission. Revenue Collection, Revenue & Expenditure Recording, Fund Management, and proper Reporting of Revenue & Expenditure are key highlighters. Not only that, controlling and spending are non to second, especially within the statutory requirements such as relevant rules and regulations of Financial Regulations, relevant Circulars, and Commission decisions.

Also, keeping and maintaining accurate financial records are the main responsibilities of the Finance Division as it is led to take important decisions by the Government and other stakeholders. Like all Government institutions, TRCSL is also bound by the Law to submit Financial Statements to the Auditor General to express an opinion in terms of the accuracy & completeness of transactions. Also, to ensure that all financial policies conform with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Accounting Standards & Concepts published by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, and the financial procedures comply with the Financial Regulations of the Government. Finance Division is also engaged in financial administration, cost control, and effective and efficient strategic decision making at the TRCSL.

Mr. S.E. Wakista
Director / Information Technology
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Information Technology (IT) Division has commenced introducing Digital Transformation across the TRCSL by implementing required software, solutions, and platforms to enable a conducive working environment among the relevant stakeholders. This will automate the internal and external processes of the organization and facilitate the employees and its customers to utilize the latest state of the art technology.

The IT Division is also playing a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the TRCSL functions and enhancing operations through the strategic use of information technology to enable digitally driven organizations. Capacity-building/knowledge enhancement programs are conducted to introduce the latest technology and its usage among the staff of TRCSL.

Mr. Saman Kithsiri
Internal Auditor
Phone: +94 11 2671677

Internal auditing is an independent activity aimed at adding value to the organization and its stakeholders when it considers strategies, objectives, and risk; strives to offer ways to enhance governance, risk management, and control process, and objectively provides relevant assurance. It is a catalyst for improving an organization’s governance, effectiveness, risk management, and efficiency by providing insight and recommendations based on systematic analyses and assessments of data and business processes. With the commitment to integrity and accountability, the scope of internal auditing within an organization is broad.

It may involve areas such as the efficacy of operations, the reliability of financial reporting, deterring & investigating fraud, safeguarding assets & compliance with rules and regulations. The head of the internal audit division (Internal Auditor) of TRCSL directly reports to the Commission, and the reports are submitted to the Audit Committee. Administratively, the Internal Auditor reports to the Director General.

Ms. G.C.P. Moragoda
Director/Legal Affairs
Phone: +94 11 2689990

Ms. Sujeewa Rodrigo
Deputy Director/ Legal
Phone: +94 11 2691747

Mr. Indika Mathew
Assistant Director/ Legal
Phone: +94 11 2689350

Legal Division plays a pivotal role for the Commission in rendering advice to the Commission on all legal & regulatory issues. The division manages all litigation matters in which TRCSL is a party. The role of a legal division is necessary for the regulatory functions of the TRCSL. Legal Division has the responsibility to provide legal opinions in terms of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act No. 25 of 1991 as amended and other directly related legislations in the regulatory activities carried out by TRC.

Mr. L. Ganeshamoorthy
Director /License Management
Phone: +94 11 2675779
Fax: +94 11 2671444

Mr. T.G.Premarathne
Assistant Director /License Management
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Mr. Sutharshan Ratneswaran
Assistant Director /License Management
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission must ensure the provision of reliable and efficient national and international telecommunication services in Sri Lanka to satisfy all reasonable demands for such services considered essential for the national wellbeing. The licenced operator ensures that services are delivered as per the provisions in Section 17 of the Telecommunication Act No. 25 of 1991 as amended by Act 27 of 1996. As per the section mentioned above of the Act, no person shall operate a public telecommunication system in Sri Lanka except under the authority of a system licence. The Minister formally granted the system licenses, subject to public consultation and recommendation of the Commission.

Ms. S.A.R. Kamalanayana
Phone: +94 11 2689343
Fax: +94 11 2672195

Mr.I.M. Jawsi
Deputy Director / Network
Phone: +94 11 2683861

Assistant Director/Network (Infrastructure Management)
Phone: +94 11 2683863

Ms. H.P.S.Ratnayake
Assistant Director/Network (Numbering)
Phone: +94 11 2689240

Mr. W.M.N.J.Wijayaratne
Assistant Director/Network (Equipment Authorization)
Phone: +94 11 2676986

The Networks Division of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission regulates issues related to public and private telecommunication networks operating in Sri Lanka. Areas that come under the purview of the Networks Division are managing the National Numbering Plan for public telecommunications networks, assigning signaling codes, assigning mobile network codes, assigning object identifiers, facilitating telecom infrastructure deployment, licensing of telecommunications equipment vendors, issuance of type approval certificates, import and customs clearances for network equipment, enabling the introduction of new technologies to the telecommunication networks in Sri Lanka.

Mr. M.P. Gunasinghe
Director ( Policy & International Relations)
Phone: +94 11 2689345

Mr.T.G.Janaka Ravindra
Assistant Director ( International Relations)
Phone: +94 0112682564, Ext: 5202 Mobile: 0706236466,

In accordance with the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act, TRCSL is vested with the authority to advise the Government on policy matters relating to the provision of public telecommunications services and is responsible for coordinating with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) or its affiliated bodies in all matters associated with telecommunications regulations. One of the objectives outlined in the Act is to promote research into the development and use of new techniques in telecommunications and related fields. The Policy and International Relations Division is empowered by the Commission to assist the local universities/research institutions in conducting research studies. The division is also entrusted to involve in implementing international and local programs/projects relating to the promotion of international best practices for the development of the telecom sector. As the TRCSL’s focal point for international regulatory bodies responsible for telecommunications, the division undertakes a wide range of regulatory, coordination, and sector development activities with the assistance of ITU, Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), South Asian Telecommunications Regulators Council (SATRC).

Mr. C.N. Palihawadana
Director/Special Projects
Phone: +94 11 2689345

The Special Projects Division is responsible for implementing the projects of national interest and the development projects of TRCSL. The division mainly engaged in implementing projects to improve the telecommunication industry by providing necessary infrastructure facilities. Furthermore, the division involves conducting research projects that enable the introduction of new technologies in the telecommunication sector.

Mr. J.A.S. Gunanandana
Director / Spectrum Management
Phone: +94 11 689347

Mr. M.E.J.S.Munasinghe
Assistant Director/ Data Services
Assistant Director/ Private Mobile Radio (Cover up)
Phone: +94 11 2689345 Ext - 4126

Mr. T.M.J.Perera
Assistant Director/ Spectrum Monitoring & Enforcement/Aeronautical Services
Assistant Director / Fixed Services (Cover up)
Phone: +94 11 2153555

Ms. G.H.P. Imali Prasanthika
Assistant Director/ Spectrum Planning
Assistant Director/ Broadcasting and IMT (Cover up)
Phone: +94 11 2683842

Mr. S.B. Bulathgama
Assistant Director/Spectrum Management (IT)
Phone: +94 11 2689345 Ext - 4105

Mr. P.D.M.P Dharmasena
Assistant Director/Short Range Devices
Phone: +94 11 2683842

Mr. Ishuranga Wijesinghe
Assistant Director/Maritime Services
Phone: +94 11 2689345, Ext:4122

Radio Frequency Spectrum is a natural and limited resource that must be appropriately managed to maximize the benefits accrued using the same to enrich society's quality of life and the economy's growth. The Commission has empowered the Spectrum Management Division to fulfil its obligations mandated by the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act in respect of all spectrum-related matters and to efficiently manage the radio frequency spectrum as a scarce national resource. Under Section 10(a) of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) is the sole lawful authority in Sri Lanka to manage and control the use of the radio frequency spectrum and matters relating to the stationary satellite orbit and exercise power when it deems necessary to withdraw or suspend its use or prohibit any such use of frequencies. The Commission is also vested with authority under Section 22 of the Act to issue licenses for the users of radio communication services, conserve the radio spectrum and enforce compliance with rules to minimize electromagnetic disturbances produced by radio communication installations.