Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

3 Digits Short Codes for Special Services

Short Code Purpose Organization
110 By Regional Offices for Emergency and Rescue Services Emergency and Rescue Services
112 Police Emergency Service Police Emergency Service Hot Line
113 Sri Lanka Army Head Quarters Sri Lanka Army
114 Sri Lanka Army To manage eventualities pertaining to national security and disaster relief operations
115 Air Defence Command and Control Centre, SLAF Station Mirigama National Air Defence Network
116 Sri Lanka Air Force For the Air Defence Operation Centre (ADOC) to receive Air Defence alerts from the general public
117 Disaster Management Center (DMC) Disaster Management Call Centre
118 Ministry of Law and Order National Help Desk
119 Sri Lanka Police Department Police Emergency Service
101 Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team|Coordination Centre Emergency Cyber Security Coordination Centre to handle cyber incidents reported by public.
109 The Bureau for the Prevention of Abuse of Children and Women For the public to report incidents related to abuse of Children and Women

3 Digit Short Codes for special services