Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Frequently Asked Question

How do I make consumer complaints to TRCSL?

In respect to an issue perceived by you as a cause for a complaint concerning telecommunication services you are kindly requested to first seek redress from your telephone operator. After making the complaint:

  1. You must keep a record of  any  complaints made, e.g. copies of the complaint and previous correspondence if any, reference  number given to you if a complaint is lodged over the telephone , names of the person/s you spoke to if available , the date of the complaint  and the answer/s received etc.
  2. Please allow your operator some reasonable time to process the complaint.
  3. You may follow up by talking to them over the telephone.

If you do not receive a satisfactory answer to your problem within a reasonable period of time, you may then at this stage send a written complaint to the Commission.

I am experiencing a delay in having my service repaired. Can TRCSL help?

You must first seek assistance from your service provider. Once all avenues in this regard have been explored both by verbal and written communications addressed to your operator, you may then contact TRCSL. Please note that while we are prepared to talk to the Operator on your behalf we have no powers to compel a telephone operator to attend to repair your service any faster.

What should I do if there are nuisance calls or threatening calls directed at me?

  • Lodge a complaint at the Police station nearest to your residence as the initial first step
  • Next inform the relevant service provider
  • The service provider upon your request has the authority to immediately disconnect the phone being used to make nuisance or threatening calls to you as a temporary measure to ease your situation

What should I do if nuisance calls or threatening calls continue to be made?

Making nuisance or threatening calls constitute criminal conduct and the Police is empowered upon a complaint to conduct investigations into the alleged behavior.

Can I obtain information on the person who makes such nuisance or threatening calls?


The maintenance of customer information in strict confidence is a legal requirement. It cannot be shared with third parties. This information will be divulged to a relevant Police Station only upon receipt of a Court Order for the purpose of an investigation.