Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

SriLanka Telecom Plc

No Description of Tariff Type of Tariff Tariff Approval Number Commencing Date Expiry Date
1 Long Term Evaluation Packages Promotional TRC/SLT/Promo/14/01 19th Jan. 2014 18th April 2014
2 Budget IDD Card Promotional TRC/SLT/Promo/14/02 25th Jan. 2014 24th April 2014
3 Fiber to the Home Promotional TRC/SLT/Promo/14/03 31st March 2014 30th June 2014
4 IDD Per minute Package Promotional TRC/SLT/Promo/14/04 16th June 2014 15th Sep. 2014
5 Concessionary Broadband offer Government Employees Promotional TRC/SLT/Promo/14/05 15th Aug. 2014 14th Nov. 2014
6 Peo Tv Tamil Package Promotional TRC/SLT/Promo/14/06 27th Oct. 2014 26th Jan. 2014
7 Low End Customers Promotional TRC/SLT/Promo/14/07 15th Dec.2014 14th March 2014
8 Extra GB Promotional TRC/SLT/Promo/14/08 15th Dec.2014 14th March 2014
9 IDD Tariff for South Sudan Long term basis TRC/SLT/14/01 27.Aug.2014  
10 LTE Packages Long term basis TRC/SLT/14/02 27.Aug.2015  
11 Web Filtering Service Long term basis TRC/SLT/14/03 28th Oct 2014  
12 Sisu Connect Package Long term basis TRC/SLT/14/04 29th Oct 2014