Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Approved Tariff for Bharti Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

Name of the Tariff Plan Reference No. Commencing Date Expiry Date
Prepaid Data Plans TRC/AIR/PER/23/05 Long Term Basis
Prepaid Plan Rs.1,690/- TRC/A/PRO/24/01 17.01.2024 16.07.2024
Prepaid Plans Rs.199/-,Rs.89/- and Rs.308/- TRC/A/PRO/23/08 22.12.2023 21.06.2024
Prepaid Plans Rs.249/-, Rs.298/-, Rs.163/ and
Postpaid Plans Rs.1,097/-, Rs.797/- and Zero Rental Plan.
TRC/AIR/PER/23/04 10.01.2024 Long Term Basis
Prepaid Plans Rs.119/- and Rs.254/- and Postpaid Rs.989/- TRC/A/PRO/23/07 26.10.2023 25.04.2024
Prepaid Plan Rs.101/- TRC/A/PER/23/03 Long Term Basis  
Prepaid Rs.139 Plan TRC/AIR/PER/23/02 Long Term Basis  
Prepaid  Rs.188 Plan TRC/A/PRO/23/06 19.07.2023 18.01.2024
Prepaid Plans Rs.888/- and Rs.239/- TRC/A/PRO/23/05 18.07.2023 17.01.2024
Data Plans TRC/A/PRO/23/04 18.05.2023 17.11.2023
Prepaid Plans Rs.99,Rs.479,Rs.131,Rs.89 and Postpaid Plans Rs.498,Rs.798 & Rs.1,098 TRC/AIR/PER/23/01 Long Term Basis  
Prepaid Rs.249/-, Rs.298/- Rs.163 and Postpaid Rs.1,097/-Rs.797/- and Zero Rental Plan TRC/A/PRO/23/03 01.04.2023 30.09.2023
Prepaid Plans Rs.101,Rs.1,588 and Postpaid Plans Rs.1,998,Rs.2,898, Rs.3,798        TRC/A/PRO/23/02 08.03.2023 07.09.2023
Prepaid Plans Rs.888/- and Rs.239/- TRC/A/PRO/23/01 25.01.2023 24.07.2023
App Offer Prepaid Rs.112/-,Rs.93/-,Postpaid Dat Buckets,Postpaid Rs.497/- TRC/A/PRO/22/10 20.12.2022 19.06.2023
Prepaid.Rs.899/-,Rs.269/- Weekly,Prepaid Data Top ups Rs.249/- and Rs.398/- TRC/A/PRO/22/09 01.12.2022 31.05.2023
Prepaid.Rs.98/-,Post paid rs.425/-,Rs.630/-,and Rs.1340/- TRC/A/PRO/22/08 18.10.2022 17.04.2023
Prepaid.Rs.134/-,Rs.234/- TRC/A/PRO/22/07 08.09.2022 07.03.2023
Prepaid and Postpaid Tariff Plan TRC/A/PRO/22/06 12.07.2022 11.01.2023
Prepaid.Rs.99/-,Rs.439/-,Rs.598/- Plan TRC/A/PRO/22/05 01.05.2022 31.10.2022
Prepaid.Rs.549/-,Rs.749/-,Rs.1249/- Plan TRC/A/PRO/22/04 01.05.2022 31.10.2022
Prepaid and Postpaid Tariff Plan TRC/A/PRO/22/03 10.03.2022 09.09.2022
Prepaid  Acquisition Plan TRC/A/PRO/22/02 10.03.2022 09.09.2022
Text Only  Facebook MobileApplication (Flex) TRC/A/PRO/22/01 02.11.2022 01.05.2023
Unlimited Internet Tariff Plan TRC/AIR/PER/21/04 Long Term Basis  
Socia Media Pack and work/learn from home TRC/AIR/PER/21/03 Long Term Basis  
59,118 & 179 Prepaid Tariff Plans TRC/AIR/PRO/21/07 10th December 2021 09th June 2022
Prepaid Tariff Plans TRC/AIR/PRO/21/06 16th October 2021 15th April 2022
Prepaid Plan Rs.150/- (Softlogic) TRC/AIR/PRO/21/04 21st  June 2021 20th December 2021
4G Plans(Prepaid & Postpaid) TRC/AIR/PRO/21/05 10th July /2021 9th January 2022
Unlimited Internet Tariff Plans TRC/AIR/PRO/21/03 08th April 2021 07th October 2021
Social Media Rs.344/- Plan TRC/AIR/PRO/21/02 06th April 2021 05th October 2021
Prepaid data plans Rs.19/-,59/-,118/-,179/-,479/-,999/- TRC/AIR/PER/20/03 Long Term Basis  
Prepaid Plan Rs.98/- TRC/AIR/PER/20/02 Long Term Basis  
Postpaid Plan Rs.890/-+ Tax and Postpaid Data Add-on plans Rs.249/-,Rs.1499/-,Rs.2999/-   TRC/AIR/PER/20/01 Long Term Basis  
Postpaid Acquistion Plan Rs.300/- TRC/AIR/PER/19/01 Long Term Basis  
Prepaid Plans Rs.248/-,Postpaid Rs.499, Work from home Plan (Prepaid and Postpaid Rs.159/-) TRC/AIR/PRO/20/09 18th December 2020  17th June 2021
Handset Bundled Offer (HBO) TRC/AIR/PRO/20/08 18th December 2020 30th April 2021
Prepaid data plans Rs.59/-,Rs.97/-,Rs.118/-,Rs.479/-,Rs.999/- TRC/AIR/PRO/20/07 11th November 2020 10th May 2021
Work from Home / Learn from Home Packs & Tariff Plans for Social Media TRC/AIR/PRO/20/06 28th October 2020 27th April 2021
Prepaid Plans – Rs. 108/- and Rs. 286/- TRC/AIR/PRO/20/05 21st September 2020 20th March 2021
Work from Home /Learn from Home Pack TRC/AIR/PRO/20/04 28th July 2020 27th January 2021
Postpaid Plans Rs.600/- and Rs.1,999 TRC/AIR/PRO/20/03 10th July 2020 09th January 2021
Work from Home/Learn from Home Pack TRC/AIR/PRO/20/02 30th May 2020 29th November 2020
USIM Promo TRC/AIR/PRO/20/01 28th May 2020 27th November 2020
Postpaid Plans TRC/A/Promo/19/05 13th January 2020 12th July 2020
Prepaid Acquisition Plans & Packs TRC/A/Promo/19/04 18th December 2019 17th June 2020
Prepaid Acquisition Plans – Rs. 99/- and Rs.96/- TRC/A/PER/18/01 Long Term Basis  
Postpaid Acquisitions Plans – Rs. 999/-and Rs. 804/- TRC/A/Promo/19/01  (Rev) 17th October 2019 16th April 2020
Prepaid Acquisition Plan-98/- TRC/A/Promo/19/03 26th Sep 2019 25th March 2020
Prepaid Data Plans TRC/A/Promo/19/02 15th August 2019 14th February 2020
Postpaid Plan TRC/A/Promo/19/01 01st August 2019 31st january 2020
Prepaid Acquisition plans- Rs.97 & 98 TRC/A/SEA/19/01 25th june 2019 24th Sep 2019
Postpaid Acquisition plan TRC/A/Promo/18/04 28th December 2018 27th June 2019
Prepaid Data Acquisition Plan – Rs. 95/- TRC/A/Promo/18/03 27th December 2018 26th June 2019
Postpaid Acquisition Plan   TRC/A/Promo/18/02 30th October 2018 29th April 2019
Prepaid Data Pack Rs. 179/- TRC/A/Promo/18/01 27th August 2018 26th February 2019
Special Mobile phone package TRC/A/16/01 04th August 2016 Long term basis
Prepaid Acquisition plan Rs.101 TRC/A/Promo/16/10 07th September 2016 06th December 2016
Prepaid acquisition Plan Rs.99 TRC/A/Promo/16/09 14th July 2016 13th October 2016
Prepaid Data Pack Rs.59 &Rs.119 TRC/A/Promo/16/08 08th June 2016 07th September 2016
Post Paid Plan TRC/A/Promo/16/07 01st April 2016 30th June 2016
3GB Prepaid Data Pack TRC/A/Promo/16/06 01st April  2016 30th June 2016
Rs.50 and Rs.100 Recharge with Data TRC/A/Promo/16/05 01st April  2016 30th June 2016
103 Prepaid Acquisition Plan TRC/A/Promo/16/03 01st February 2016 30th April 2016
Prepaid Rs.95 Data Acquisition pack TRC/A/Promo/16/02 01st February 2016 30th April 2016
Prepaid  data combo packs TRC/A/Promo/16/01 01st February 2016 30th April 2016