Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Approved Tariff for Ask Cable Vision (Pvt) Ltd.

Name of the Tariff Plan Reference No. Commencing Date Expiry Date
ACV Galaxy TRC/ASK/PRO/22/05 11.11.2022 10.05.2023
ACV Bulk TRC/ASK/PRO/22/04 05.10.2022 04.04.2023
ACV Double up Pack TRC/ASK/PRO/22/03 05.10.2022 04.04.2023
New Connection Charge (ASK NC-10000) TRC/ASK/PRO/22/02 05.10.2022 04.04.2023
New Connection Charge (ASK NC-7000) TRC/ASK/PRO/22/01 17.02.2022 16.08.2022
ASK 20 Welcome Bonanza TRC/ASK/PER/20/01 Long Term Basis  
Post Page Packages TRC/ASK/PER/18/01 Long Term Basis  
Promotional Tariff for Ask Cable Vision(Pvt)Ltd TRC/ASK/PRO/19/01  01-06-2019  30-11-2019
Postpaid  Packages TRC/ASK/Promo/17/01-07  28-12-2017  27-06-2018
 New Packages TRC/ASK/Promo/16/01  01-10-2016  31-12-2016