Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Approved Tariff Plans for Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd.

Name of the Tariff Plan Reference No. Commencing Date Expiry Date
New Monthly Packages for Dialog TV (DTV) Prepaid Customers TRC/DBN/PRO/24/05 01.07.2024 31.12.2024
Revision of Dialog TV(DTV) Channel Portfolio TRC/DTV/PER/23/01 Long Term Basis  
New Weekly Packageds and Individual Sachets for Dialog TV(DTV) Prepaid Customers TRC/DTV/PRO/22/03   01.08.2022  31.01.2023
New Connection offer for Dialog Television (DTV) Customers TRC/DTV/PRO/22/02  15.07.2022  14.01.2023
All channel Sachet offered to Dialog Television (DTV) Prepaid Customers who exclusively activate the plan via the eZ Cash Wallet  TRC/DTV/PRO/22/01  01.03.2022  31.05.2022
New High Definition (HD) Channel Sachet Offered to Prepaid and Post Paid Dialog Televition Customers TRC/DTV/PER/21/01 Long Term Basis  
New Dialog TV (DTV) Prepaid Bonanza Packages TRC/DTV/PRO/21/02 01-06-2021 30-11-2021
New Per Day and Monthly Packages for Dialog TV (DTV) Prepaid Customers TRC/DTV/PER/20/02   Long Term Basis 
Revision of Dialog Television Postpaid & Prepaid Packages TRC/DTV/PER/20/01   Long Term Basis 
New High Definition (HD) channel Sachets TRC/DTV/PRO/21/01 19-03-2021 18-09-2021
DTV Channel Sachets-  Prepaid & Postpaid TRC/DTV/PER/19/04   Long Term Basis  
DTV Prepaid Channel Bundles TRC/DTV/PER/19/03   Long Term Basis
New Dialog TV Prashansa Package TRC/DTV/PER/19/02   Long Term Basis
All Channel Sachet offered to DTV prepaid Customers TRC/DTV/PRO/20/02 19-10-2020 18-01-2021
New per Day & Monthly packages for Dialog TV Prepaid Customers TRC/DTV/PRO/20/01 27-07-2020 26-01-2021
Promotional Offer for Christmas Season TRC/DTV/SEA/19/05 20-11-2019 20-12-2019
New Multi TV Offer TRC/DTV/PER/19/01 Long Term Basis
Channel Bundles During August School Holidays TRC/DTV/SEA/19/04 15-08-2019 14-09-2019
DTV Channel Sachets - Prepaid & Postpaid TRC/DTV/PRO/19/02 29-07-2019 28-01-2020
DTV Prepaid Channel Bundles TRC/DTV/PRO/19/01 26-04-2019 25-10-2019
Postpaid Package for Government Sector Employees TRC/DTV/PRO/18/05 12/12/2018 11/06/2019
DTV Postpaid & Prepaid Tariff Revision TRC/DTV/PER/18/01 Permanent
New Dialog TV(DTV) Prashansa Package TRC/DTV /PRO/18/04 15/10/2018  14/04/2019
New Multi TV Offer TRC/DTV /PRO/18/03 01/09/2018 28/02/2019
New High Definition (HD) Television Services TRC/DTV /PRO/18/02 01/09/2018 28/02/2019
Prepaid TV Genre Packs TRC/DTV /PRO/18/01 23/07/2018 22/01/2019
Postpaid Package (Rental Rs.549) TRC/DTV/PER/17/01 Long Term Basis 
New High Definition (HD) Television Services TRC/DTV/Promo/17/01    27/09/2017  26/03/2018
New Postpaid Package TRC/DTV/Promo/16/10 17/11/2016 16/02/2017
New sachets TRC/DTV/Promo/16/08 & 09 11/11/2016 10/02/2017
Special Connection Fee Offers TRC/DTV/Promo/16/07 20/10/2016 19/01/2017
New Postpaid Package TRC/DTV/Promo/16/06 07/09/2016  06/12/2016
New Sachet  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/05 06/07/2016  05/10/2016 
DTV Postpaid  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/04 05/06/2016  04/09/2016
New Sachets  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/03 13/05/2016  12/08/2016
Special Tariff Approval  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/02 07/04/2016  06/07/2016
Special Tariff Approval Targetting Segment of Ranaviru  TRC/DTV/Promo/16/01 30/03/2016  29/06/2016