Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Bharti Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd - 2015

Description Type of Tariff Tariff Approval Number Commencing Date Expiry Date  
Facebook Browsing for Abans Handsets Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/01 06.03.2015 05.06.2015 DOWNLOAD
Advance Payment Prepaid Combo Plan Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/02 08.04.2015 07.07.2015 DOWNLOAD
Wingle Offer 3G WIFI Router Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/03 08.06.2015 07.09.2015 DOWNLOAD
103 Prepaid Acquisition Plan Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/04
Small Data Packs Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/05 27.07.2015 26.10.2015 DOWNLOAD
Prepaid Double Internet Packs Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/06
Prepaid Data Acquisition Plan Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/07 01.09.2015 30.11.2015 DOWNLOAD
Prepaid Data Pack Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/08
Prepaid Acquisition Plan Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/09 28.10.2015 27.01.2016 DOWNLOAD
Prepaid Rs.10/- data Pack Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/10 01.12.2015 31.01.2015 DOWNLOAD
Data Guzzler Plans Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/11 17.12.2015 16.03.2015 DOWNLOAD
Postpaid Smart Byte Data Pack Promotional TRC/A/Promo/15/12