Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Dialog Axiata PLC - 2015

Description Type of Tariff Tariff Approval Number Commencing Date Expiry Date  
Cool Club Content Download Service Permanent TRC/D/15/01 16.07.2015   DOWNLOAD
New Mobile Postpaid Package Permanent TRC/D/15/02 16.07.2015  
India Game Subscription Service Permanent TRC/D/15/03 16.07.2015  
New Mobile Group Package Permanent TRC/D/15/04 16.07.2015  
My TV Mobile Streaming Service Permanent TRC/D/15/05 16.07.2015  
New Prepaid Data Connection Service Permanent TRC/D/15/06 16.07.2015  
New Postpaid Mobile Packages Permanent TRC/D/15/07 16.07.2015  
New Mobile Broadband Packages Permanent TRC/D/15/08 16.07.2015  
New Prepaid Bundle Packages Permanent TRC/D/15/09 16.07.2015  
Mobile Music Suscription Service Permanent TRC/D/15/10 16.07.2015  
Mobizine WAP Portal Service Permanent TRC/D/15/11 16.07.2015  
New Postpaid Bundle Package Permanent TRC/D/15/12 16.07.2015  
iLocate Permanent TRC/D/15/13 16.07.2015  
New Prepaid Starter Pack - Sportz sim Permanent TRC/D/15/14 16.07.2015  
GamePind' Game Download Service Permanent TRC/D/15/15 16.07.2015  
Dialog Boinc Music Data Package Permanent TRC/D/15/16 16.07.2015  
New Mobile Corporate Postpaid Packages Permanent TRC/D/15/17 16.07.2015  
New Prepaid Bundles Permanent TRC/D/15/18 16.07.2015  
E-SMS Permanent TRC/D/15/19 16.07.2015  
My Plan Permanent TRC/D/15/20 16.07.2015  
Radio on IVR Permanent TRC/D/15/21 16.07.2015  
Art of Winning Permanent TRC/D/15/22 16.07.2015  
Ready Games Download Service Permanent TRC/D/15/23 16.07.2015  
Mobile Tashan WAP Portal Permanent TRC/D/15/24 16.07.2015  
"FOLLO" Celebrity Subscription Service Permanent TRC/D/15/25 16.07.2015  
Classified Advertisement through the Mobile Permanent TRC/D/15/26 16.07.2015  
New MBB Postpaid Packages Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/01 12.02.2015 11.05.2015 DOWNLOAD
New Prepaid Bundle Internet Cards Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/02
New MBB Prepaid Data only Internet Cards Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/03
New Large Volume Data Package Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/04
Add on Packages Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/05
"Videopind" Video Portal Service Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/06 24.02.2015 23.05.2015 DOWNLOAD
WAP based Cricket Quizzes Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/07 27.02.2015 31.03.2015 DOWNLOAD
New IVR Based Horoscope Service Sathiya Obata Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/08 04.03.2015 03.06.2015 DOWNLOAD
"Videopind" Video Portal Service Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/09 04.03.2015 03.06.2015 DOWNLOAD
Reconnection fee and Retention Fee for Mobile Connections Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/10 06.03.2015 05.06.2015 DOWNLOAD
New Device Offers Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/11 25.03.2015 24.06.2015 DOWNLOAD
Price Competition for Lord of the Reload and Internet Card Cricket Game Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/12 30.03.2015 29.09.2015 DOWNLOAD
New IVR Based Quiz Competition 'Club Contest' Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/13 06.04.2015 05.07.2015 DOWNLOAD
Free Trial of Mobile Broadband Package for Facebook Users Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/14 06.04.2015 15.05.2015 DOWNLOAD
New Device Offers - Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/15 08.03.2015 07.06.2015 DOWNLOAD
New Mobile Corporate Postpaid Packages Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/16 12.05.2015 11.08.2015 DOWNLOAD
Video Alert Service Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/17 19.05.2015 18.08.2015 DOWNLOAD
5 for 5 WAP Portal Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/18 09.06.2015 08.09.2015 DOWNLOAD
m.hungama WAP Portal Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/19
Mobifun WAP Portal Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/20
Railway Trains Tickets Via 444 Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/21 03.07.2015 02.10.2015 DOWNLOAD
New Mobile Broadband Group Package for Corporate Customers Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/22 24.07.2015 23.10.2015 DOWNLOAD
Suraksha - Junior Package Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/23 30.07.2015 29.10.2015 DOWNLOAD
WAP Based Rugby World Cup Quiz - 2015 Quizzes Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/24 15.09.2015 31.10.2015 DOWNLOAD
Kids Package on MyTV Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/25 21.09.2015 20.12.2015 DOWNLOAD
Kitmania Mobile Game Portal Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/26 26.09.2015 25.12.2015 DOWNLOAD
Dainika Dharma Pracharaya on IVR Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/27 13.10.2015 12.01.2016 DOWNLOAD
Star Friends on IVR Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/28
M Lottery Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/29
Scholarship Lessons on IVR (Tamil) Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/30
New MBB Prepaid Connection Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/31 17.11.2015 16.02.2016 DOWNLOAD
New Prepaid Night time Package Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/32
New Postpaid Night Time Package Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/33
Prepaid Internet Cards Promotional Offers Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/34 30.11.2015 31.12.2015 DOWNLOAD
Postpaid Sachets Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/35 04.12.2015 03.03.2016 DOWNLOAD
Dialog Gardian Service Tariff Plan Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/36 16.12.2015 15.03.2016 DOWNLOAD
IVR and OBD Services Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/37 30.12.2015 28.02.2016 DOWNLOAD
Subscription Based WAP Portal Products Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/38 01.01.2016 31.03.2016 DOWNLOAD
Content Based WAP Portal Products Promotional TRC/D/Promo/15/39