Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Dialog TV - 2015

Description Type of Tariff Tariff Approval Number Commencing Date Expiry Date  
ICC World Cup Plan Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/01 13.02.2015 31.03.2015 DOWNLOAD
Prepaid Television Instalment Plan Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/02 26.03.2015 25.06.2015 DOWNLOAD
"Sinhala & Tamil New Year Promotion" Plan Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/03 02.04.2015 31.04.2015 DOWNLOAD
Cricket Mania Offer Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/05 12.06.2015 31.06.2015 DOWNLOAD
Value Pack - 6 Months Rental Free for New Prepaid Connections Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/06 22.06.2015 31.08.2015 DOWNLOAD
New Prepaid Package Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/07 27.07.2015 26.10.2015 DOWNLOAD
Introduction of Subscription Based Movie, Drama & Variety Entertainment Channel Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/08 19.08.2015 18.11.2015 DOWNLOAD
Tariff Approval for Targeting the Upcoming Sports Events Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/09 12.09.2015 31.10.2015 DOWNLOAD
Tariff Approval for Introduction of New Sachets Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/10 25.09.2015 24.12.2015 DOWNLOAD
New Prepaid Tamil Package Promotional TRC/DTV/Promo/15/11 10.11.2015 09.02.2016 DOWNLOAD