Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Dish TV Lanka - 2015

Description Type of Tariff Tariff Approval Number Commencing Date Expiry Date  
"Non-stop Pack" and "Enjoy Pack" Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/01 11.05.2015 10.08.2015 DOWNLOAD
Our Dish - Info Pack 01 Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/02 10.08.2015 09.11.2015 DOWNLOAD
Our Dish - Info Pack 02 Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/03
Our Dish - Kids 1 Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/04
Our Dish - Jashn Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/05
Our Dish - Jahan Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/06
Our Dish - Jasha + Jahan Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/07
"Ntertinment Pack" and "Ndulge Pack" Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/08 15.09.2015 14.12.2015 DOWNLOAD
Kids Delight Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/09 01.10.2015 31.12.2015 DOWNLOAD
Info Pack 03 Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/10
Infotainment Combo Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/11
English Delight Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/12
Hindi Entertainer Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/13
Bollywood Mania Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/14
Premium Movies Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/15
Cricket Mania Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/16
Sony Six Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/17
Ten Pack 1 Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/18
Tamil Delight Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/19
Gaming Service Promotional TRC/DISH/Promo/15/20