Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Device Clearances

TRCSL issues approval/authorization to Import Controller/Customs/BOI for the importation of network equipment including Customer Premises Equipment/Terminal Apparatus by telecommunications operators, vendors or individuals.

Type Approvals

  1. Legal Provision
    In terms of the provisions of Section 5(q) of the Telecommunication Act, Terminal Equipment requires Type Approval from the Commission. Schedule 2 of System Licence issued to operators, authorizes the connection of telecommunication apparatus which is of a type approved by the Commission.
  2. Categories of Terminal Equipment which need type approval
    • Telephone Instruments
    • Fax machines
    • PABXs
    • Modems
    • Any other Customer Premises Equipment to be connected to the Licensed Network.
  3. Type Approval Procedure
  4. Type Approved Products

Import Clearance Approval

Import Clearance Procedure

Applicants who wish to import network equipment into Sri Lanka are hereby informed of the procedure that should be followed to obtain letters of clearance to Controller Imports/Sri Lanka Customs Department/Board of Investment.

The following documents should be forwarded in writing to the Network Division of TRC with the following documents.

  • Covering letter explaining the requirement of the equipment.     
  • Proforma/Commercial Invoice /Airway Bill/Customs detention which clearly indicates the items to be imported     
  • Relevant Technical Specifications/Product Brochure     
  • Network Diagram (if relevant)
  • Copy of Vendors Licence (if relevant)

Any person who imports or carries by hand any network equipment is required to comply with this procedure.For re-export of equipment the following documents should be annexed to the written application

  • Comprehensive list of equipment to be re-exported ( Proforma Invoice )     
  • A copy of the approval issued by TRCSL at the time of importation     
  • Details of locations where the equipment were installed