Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

Lodging Complaints with TRCSL

Step 2

TRCSL is empowered to inquire and investigate into complaints made under Section 09 of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act (‘the Act’).  

  1. You may lodge your complaint with the Commission when your service provider fails to act promptly on your complaint or fails to attend to the problem to your satisfaction.
  2. Every such complaint shall be in writing and shall set out clearly the reasons for lodging the complaint.
  3. In the course of any investigation pursuant to a complaint the Commission may direct the relevant operator to take such steps deemed to be necessary for the rectification of any cause or matter which had given rise to the complaint and direct that financial redress be provided where appropriate.
  4. Irrespective of the nature of the complaint the Commission will reply to all consumer complaints in writing.
  5. If a complaint falls within the criteria set out in Section 09 of the Act, TRCSL will then request the relevant service provider to look in to the complaint and take necessary action to settle the dispute.
  6. The complainant will be advised via a letter from the Commission on the steps taken by the Commission to notify the service provider of the complaint.
  7. Once the Commission receives information of the arrangements being made by the service provider to deal with the problem and If this plan of action is acceptable to the regulator / and complies with regulations of the Commission it will then be duly conveyed to the complainant.
  8. If the proposed remedy or relief or plan of action taken by the operator is not in conformity with the regulations it will not be communicated to the complainant and the TRCSL will then discuss matters with the relevant service provider on your behalf.
  9. If the complainant is not satisfied with the relief offered by the service provider that matter will then be discussed with him to explore any possible alternative solution and if it is still not acceptable it will be forwarded to the Internal Committee established  for resolution of consumer complaints.
  10. An Internal Committee has been appointed by the Commission to investigate in to consumer complaints, hear both parties and facilitate settlement of the dispute or make recommendations containing effective measures for a fair decision to be taken by the Commission.